Cosmetic Acupuncture

Ngaio Richards - Cosmetic Acupuncture
Another arm of Ngaio’s practice of acupuncture extends to cosmetic facial work. Tiny needles are inserted at various points around the face and neck, to create a gentle lift. Lines are addressed through a different technique and these usually become shallower over a series of treatments.

Here is a great article about Cosmetic Acupuncture published in Sydney’s Body & Soul magazine:

“Madonna, Cher and Gwyneth Paltrow have all spoken glowingly in public about it. Prince William and Diane Lane are rumoured to be converts, and there are even specialist clinics in London devoted exclusively to the practice of cosmetic acupuncture. Sometimes referred to as “acupuncture facial rejuvenation” or “the acupuncture facelift”, a 1996 study on cosmetic acupuncture in the International Journal Of Clinical Acupuncture reported that of the 300 people who took part, 90 per cent saw marked improvements after just one treatment.”

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