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How often will I need to come?

How frequently and how many acupuncture treatments are required varies widely depending upon your individual circumstances. Factors we take into account include the duration & intensity of your illness, your age, constitution and your desired health goal as well as how well you respond to the treatment. Initially you might need to come more regularly, after which you would start to come less often until your condition is under control. From there some people pop in every so often for a ‘top-up’ treatment or two occasionally if they notice their ‘early warning signs’ starting to manifest. Please call us on 02 9560 1100 with specific queries.

Leading a healthy lifestyle will make your treatment more effective and long-lasting. This means eating well, exercising regularly, balancing work and play, addressing emotional/psychological/spiritual unease, getting sufficient sleep and cultivating a happy outlook. You could receive the best Acupuncture in the world then go out and trash yourself, so undoing all the good work we have done. This is about learning how to care for & take responsibility for yourself.