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How will I know if it is working?

While it may take a number of treatments before you see results in terms of any symptoms you brought in to have treated, most people feel relaxed from the first treatment. For some patients this may last several hours and sometimes even several days.

Most people experiencing acupuncture treatment for the first time are surprised to discover how relaxing it is and may report that they have a ‘greater sense of well-being’. Some of our clients feel the need to rest for a while after their treatment, while others may experience high energy. Both of these responses are common – your body is adjusting to treatment. Try to give yourself permission to listen to your body, this will help assist positive treatment outcomes.

As your treatment plan progresses and your treatments have gained momentum you should start to notice positive changes in your symptoms.

This kind of treatment is an exercise in self-awareness, you are encouraged to pay more attention to your body and let us know what changes you are experiencing.